Women’s Guide To Packing For Style

Women’s Guide To Packing For Style


When it comes to travelling or going on a trip, most people get stuck when it comes to preparing. Mind you this is not because they don’t have clothes to pack but its more because they don’t know how or what to pack.

If you have ever dragged all of your belongings out and made a giant mess trying to decide what to pack, this is for you. There is no end to the style and comfort that can be yours when you travel with versatile clothing choices and the knowledge that your luggage is in the best of conditions. You like the idea? I bet you do. Read on to discover our best tips and tricks for packing in style.

Black is the new …Black

When packing clothes make sure that you keep majority of them neutral colours namely black and white, the items should all be able to match with each other. THEN select just a couple of pop colour items such as a jacket, top or bright shorts to go with all of you neutrals.  All-black outfits never go out of fashion and are very forgiving on spills and stains which are a higher risk when you are on the move. Make sure you have at least two very different options for black bottoms and depending on how long your trip is for at least 3 different black top options. 

Splashes of Colour

Colour loving globetrotters worry not we have a trick up our sleeve to ensure you won’t be feeling lacklustre in your neutral wardrobe. The trick is bright accessories, make up and jewellery! Small, light and incredibly versatile you can rely on these to bring the colour punch. Light silk scarves take up next to no room or weight, cute colourful belts are also small and easy to pack accessories, bold earrings to match your belt or shoes add splashes of colour and a bright mauve eyeshadow or statement red lipstick will add plenty of colour even to an all black outfit. 

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the revolutionary new travel craze, these small fabric cubes allow you to pack more clothing into a small bag and also help you to keep everything organised. There is no need to rummage throughout your whole bag because you want to pick out one particular item. Simply pick out the packing pod that has the item and open this for easy access without the mess. Now that’s the power of organization, and that is exactly what the packing cube does for you. Packing cubes also help you to stay looking chic and elegant as they far reduce wrinkling of your clothing keeping you looking fresh and unwrinkled even on the road. The packing cube is your versatile, hands on solution when it comes to preparing for your next journey. Don’t go anywhere without a set. 

Shoes, no you don’t need that many!

Where many people fall down in their packing is when it comes to shoes, you want to keep to the same rules as for your clothes, pick black where possible and  very versatile. Ballet flats are light, small and don’t take up much room so you can probably afford to have one set in black and one in a pop colour. Keep your shoes in separate packing cubes to your clothes and wear your biggest shoes on the plane. If you will be exercising try to pack a pair of sneakers that can be worn as casual day wear as well, there is nothing worse than lugging a big pair of sneakers around in the hopes you might feel motivated to work off those margaritas in the hotel gym, trust me, you wont. Now don’t yell at me here but i’m saying just one pair of heels, black pumps or wedges go with everything and remember what we said about the accessories? Yep go mad with the bright lippy and waist belt to accentuate your LBD and pumps.

Stylish, simple and all packed into a light well organised bag. Well of you go then!

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