Visit Rome and experience live for eternity

Visit Rome and experience live for eternity

Planning a trip to Rome and you already are aware of the magical moments waiting for you over there. Rome is everyone’s dream destination. One of the most crowed tourist destinations which make the place even more happening. Drenched in the historical past this place takes you back to ages. The streets, tall and magnificent buildings are witness to the epic rise and fall of this city. This place was fortunate enough to be ruled by some of the greatest historical rulers the world has ever witnessed. However, if you are planning a trip to Rome make it a week-long tour at least. It is quite a difficult to visit the entire place in a day or two. For a hassle-free airport pick and drop book your taxi from private transfers.

Things to explore in Rome in two days

Well, that might sound little wired but with planning g you can probably explore most of the well-known itineraries. It is a place or precisely speaking a treat to art loving people. Age old buildings, narrow streets, marvellous sculptures and some expensive masterpiece-paintings are under one single roof called Rome! And for Italian cuisine, it is one of the most loved cuisine around the world. Even if you have limited stay, you can make most out of it. If you have only two days to explore the city, no need to be confused on how to get started. On day one, gear up to visit the world-famous Vatican City and get ready to be awestruck by the great grandeur of square standing in front of Basilica of St. Peter. When you get in to the entrance you will be standing in front of world’s largest church and the symbol of Christianity. There is countless masterpiece by renowned artist inside the church. There are also famous chapels, national museum such as Castel Sant’Angelo and Piazza Navona which are epitome of architectural beauty and historical significance. A detailed visit to this place will definitely consume one whole day. But need not to worry, the second is the most important day where you can explore some magnificent archaeological site The Forums, which lay vast from Campidoglio to the palatine. Don’t forget to visit the famous Colosseum, the 35-meter-high colossal bronze statue of emperor Nero. This majestic status is symbol of Rome worldwide. It is said that the architecture who designed it was throwed alive the wild beast! Well at the end of the day you can finish with Patheon and Piazza di Sapgna. This way you can at least get a glimpse of some wonderful sight and get experience worth for a lifetime. There are also many private travel facilities like private transfers that ensure your safe pick and drop.

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