TOP 10 Free Apps to eat and find a good restaurant

TOP 10 Free Apps to eat and find a good restaurant

Some nights, it can happen that you have acute flemingitis, and then the horrible question “What are we eating tonight?” We have nothing in the fridge. Another day, while friends or family are passing through town, you might wonder which restaurant would be nice, sadly noting that you only know two restaurants in town. It is the same when you travel and travelin areas you know little. As you can imagine, the applications on your iPhone are there to save you the bet, and with a simple thumb, you can find the perfect menu, book a table in a good restaurant. So here is theTop 10 best apps to find a good restaurant, book a table or order from home.


The inevitable application when talking about restaurant and bar. With geolocation , Yelp allows you to find nearby businesses, find the name of a bar or restaurant, search by district and by distance. And what the app is known for: customer reviews! Become almost a fashion, all customers can comment through the application service, product quality, the framework, prices, in short give a comprehensive opinion (or not) on the restaurant. In short, Yelp operates as a social network . If you are looking for a restaurant, you will know where you put your feet by reading some reviews.

2. TheFork

TheFourchette draws its principle from a very simple observation: there are many sites that allow you to compare or have an opinion on restaurants, but none allows you to book directly. And in addition to features related to geolocation, you will find the type of cuisine, prices and reviews of users. And to complete the work, you can enjoy the many partnerships of the site by having discounts on the bill, sometimes up to 50%! You can even set an alert to know immediately when a restaurant around you offers discounts. An excellent application, essential if you like to go to a restaurant.

3. Alloresto

The application is well known to victims of laziness : it allows you to order meals online that will be delivered to your home. With more than 4500 partner restaurants in France delivering, Alloresto has changed the situation in France, and pushes all restaurants to provide a delivery service. The application is not yet native, but the success of this model will push this company to improve its services and its application. And if some Start-Up want to compete, Alloresto always has the widest variety of partners.

4. UberEATS

The competition, precisely, comes from Uber. Even if it is still developing, the company’s first spin-off is set in Paris , after having conquered San Francisco, LA, New York or Barcelona. The principle is simple: Uber uses his drivers to deliver a hot meal. For the moment you have the choice between a few dishes of partner restaurants that change every day; the price of the dishes revolves around 10 €, and the delivery is 2 €. And it must be admitted that the service is not yet honed, Uber not knowing how to deliver dishes rather fine without spoiling the time of delivery. But the delivery service is of quality, and the idea is carrier. Order cold for now. But follow this service well, it can revolutionize the principle of delivery!

5. DisMoiWhere

The application allows you to find a restaurant, bar, cafe, shop, hotel, finally all the services you will think. Reviews of restaurants are detailed, and the application will refine its proposals according to your tastes and the notes you give restaurants. Last strategy of differentiation: all the traders can distribute gifts around them, like sorts of virtual flyers. And the app also includes a gift system according to the geolocation, for each review or visit.

6. AroundMe

Another geolocation app, generalist just like AroundMe, which I appreciated the clean and colorful style . The application is often cited in the top 10 applications, all categories combined: it was the first to use Google’s geolocation, with its principle of augmented reality. More than 5 million times, this application has been downloaded: a safe bet cited by the Times .

7. Foursquare

The US application had more than 33 million subscribers in 2013, and allows you to become Mayor of your neighborhood . Let me explain: with its geolocation system combined with the ability to earn badges to users, according to reviews and variety of visits, you can upgrade and enjoy discounts at restaurants and chains partners (Starbucks in particular ). To find where to eat, the app is useful since it brings together a huge audience, all of whom seek to post reviews. This community aspect is valuable for finding the rare pearls, which remain unknown without these applications.

8. FoodReporter

Do you know this trend known as “foodies”? If not, it characterizes these new lovers of the kitchen who seek aesthetic refinement and taste wherever they go. And FoodReporter is one of the flags: it brings together lovers of fine cuisine, who photograph their dishes and share their gastronomic passions, their good addresses and – inevitably – their favorite dishes. Join the already rich community of more than 100,000 enthusiasts, and share your good addresses to sometimes challenge and win gift.

9. Michelin Restaurants

Basically, why complicate life by crossing everyone’s opinion about unknown restaurants they liked? The professionals of the Michelin guide have been recognized since the beginning of the 20th century , and the transition to the digital era and the democratization of gastronomic criticism does not prevent the Michelin Guide from remaining THE French reference thanks to its star ranking. Its application is a good search engine, which offers a wide choice of restaurant accredited by the guide; reviews are published regularly, and geolocation allows you to find the restaurants next to you, in short a must, even in the face of increased competition.

10. The Internet Restaurant Guide

A good search engine gathering over 65 000 recognized restaurants , a categorization (pizza, pancakes, tradi, etc.), the ability to book through the application and save your favorite addresses: the application of The Internet and very complete and reliable to get an opinion quickly. It’s simple, one quality and one fault at a time.

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