Tip: find the perfect hotel with these 5 tips

find the perfect hotel with these 5 tips

Optimize your hotel search and find the perfect accommodation with KAYAK.fr

It’s always the same story: you spend hours looking for the perfect hotel, trying to find an establishment that meets all the right criteria. The place should be elegant but not too posh, well located but quiet, economical but not low end … After a while, you start tearing your hair and are ready to throw your computer out the window.

Fortunately, we have the solution. At KAYAK, we want to help you make the best decisions for your trip. With our tools, you will save time and money. Here are some tips to stay zen and find the hotel of your dreams.

5 tips for finding the perfect hotel with KAYAK

By following these 5 steps, finding the rare pearl becomes child’s play.

1. Take advantage of the filters

Refine your search results using the great KAYAK filters. Which services are essential for you? A breakfast included, an indoor pool or a gym? Tick ​​the corresponding boxes and you’re done. And for the atmosphere, are you more family or romantic? Again, you can filter. And if you are looking for a specific type of accommodation, KAYAK even allows you to select only hostels, motels, resorts, bed & breakfasts, etc. Try our filters now and find the hotel that’s right for you.

2. Use our thermal map

The area where the hotel is located is often as important as the establishment itself. If you want to stay near tourist sites or in the heart of the nightlife, use our thermal map from the results page. You will be able to find the ideal spot according to your interests: you just have to choose a hotel in the hottest areas.

3. View the reviews of other users

For you, the opinion of other customers is more important than the number of stars? Click on the property you are interested in and you will find a list of reviews left by others who have stayed there. A section summarizes the notes by category: location, service, room, etc. And if you want more details, you can read the individual reviews, posted by certified users.3. View the reviews of other users

4. Create a price alert

Would you like to follow the price evolution for the 5-star hotel of your dreams, in case the prices go down? Create a price alert for the property you are interested in and you will receive an email notification when prices change. How to know when the prices of the hotels in Rome are the most advantageous? You can also create an alert for a specific city or point of interest. And for the frequency of notifications, you choose.

5. Save with private offers

Save up to 35%: people with a KAYAK account can access private offers from our hotel suppliers. Registration takes less than 30 seconds and is completely free.5. Save with private offers

With your KAYAK account, you can also plan and manage your trip with KAYAK Trips. More info in an upcoming article.

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