The 6 most beautiful Greek islands

The 6 most beautiful Greek islands

When you think of Greece and its paradisiacal islands, images of blue and white houses hung on the hills , turquoise lagoons , sunsets on the Aegean Sea  and tasty Mediterranean cuisine are rushing in our minds … But the Greek Islands it’s much more than that! An exceptional historical heritage, landscapes of postcard but above all, the legendary hospitality of the Greeks make these thousands of islands with personalities quite distinct from the exceptional destinations.

If you have decided to discover Greece sea side but you do not know where to start we offer a selection of our 8 favorite islands !

1. Santorini: feast and romance

Take the ingredients common to all the Greek islands, add a pinch of romance and a hint of nightlife and you’ll have the perfect cocktail for your vacation … Santorini is an island of volcanic origin with black sand beaches that contrast with the blue of the sea and the white of traditional buildings. Fira is a beautiful village perched on a hillside not to be missed if you love the magnificent sunsets  !

  • Beaches not to be missed  : Red Beach, White Beach, Kamari and Perissa.
  • To get there : the National Airport of Santorini / Thira welcomes flights from Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice, Lille, Lyon and many other French cities.

2. Paxos, in complete privacy

Paxos lives in the shadow of the famous Corfu and it is very good like that! At the same time tiny and sublime, it is a true oasis of serenity which offers the ideal setting to the couples in search of calm and intimacy. There are beautiful beaches and many restaurants serving fresh fish in Gaios , the largest city on the island. When the sun goes down, sit on the terrace and enjoy a fresh Ouzo facing the sea.

  • Beaches not to be missed : Soulanena, Kloni Gouli, Gianna, Kipiadi (only accessible on foot or by boat), baia di Sterna; but we advise you to venture on foot to discover the hidden corners.
  • To get there  : there is no airport in Paxos but you can take a flight to Corfu and then reach the island by boat.

3. Mykonos, the soul of a fishing village

Mykonos is the island of partiers par excellence. It is true that its nightlife is lively in the seaside clubs, but the island is far from being reduced to this aspect! Tourism has not yet reached massively the hinterland, which is a good thing because the houses and picturesque streets of the countryside are really beautiful. If we leave a little beaten track, we quickly realize that the soul of Mykonos remains that of a traditional fishing village …

  • Beaches not to be missed  : Paradise Beach (which is aptly named), Elia, Kalafati, Panormos.
  • To get there : Mykonos airport hosts many low-cost flights from France.

4. Tilos, relaxation assured

Tilos is an island with mountainous terrain  whose rich fauna and flora make it an ideal place for excursions in the nature. The most beautiful beaches are hidden in rocky creeks difficult to access but the game is worth the candle: you will certainly find yourself alone on a beautiful beach!

  • Beaches not to be missed  : Eristos, Spiaggia Rossa, San Antonio.
  • To get there : there is no airport on site but most visitors choose to take a flight to Rhodes and then make the connection by boat. Another option is to come directly from Athens by ferry.

5. Ikaria, island of legend

Located in the Aegean Sea, about 20 km from Samos, the beauty of Ikaria lies in its inaccessibility : it is mountainous and wild and some places are almost completely inaccessible. In return, the island offers beautiful bays and thermal waters with many virtues. But what makes the charm of Ikaria is especially its atmosphere: the Ikarians are indeed known to like to party, eat well and drink. Join them!

  • Beaches not to be missed  : Iero, Agios Giorgi, Therma, Prioni, Kilosirtis.
  • To get there  : Ikaria airport receives mostly domestic flights, especially from Athens.

6. Skiros, 100% nature

It is the largest island in the Sporades archipelago , in the western part of the Aegean Sea. Do not go there to party, as there is no night life like on Mykonos for example. It is especially for its tranquility and for the beauty of nature that one comes there. As you travel around the island by bike or scooter, you will realize that the contrast is striking: the north is hilly and green, while the south is arid and barren.

  • Beaches not to be missed  : Gyrismata, Atitsa, Palamari and Ahrounes.
  • To get there  : by plane with direct flights from Athens and Thessaloniki. The ferry is not recommended because travel times are very long.

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