Restaurant in Lisbon: where to eat good and cheap?

Restaurant in Lisbon: where to eat good and cheap?

Restaurants in Lisbon: how to eat good and cheap?

Lisbon is a city where you can eat really cheap by following the tips that I will give you. If you opt for a hotel stay, it is very likely that only breakfast will be included in your stay. You will have to eat outside at noon and in the evening. Of course, it makes sense that you do not want to spend a big budget for every meal and that you look for cheap meals in Lisbon when visiting the Portuguese capital. You will see that it will not be very difficult to find cheap restaurants in Lisbon , sometimes just by choosing the places where you go to take your meals.



Cod dish - Bacalhau a Bras - Lisbon - Portugal

To eat cheap at noon in Lisbon, you will find that simply behave like Lisbon. Indeed, the neighborhoods of the city where many Portuguese work are home to the most interesting restaurants to eat for cheap at noon. Corporate canteens are almost non-existent in Portugal and it is very common for Portuguese to eat out at lunchtime. So, around dynamic neighborhoods, it is common to see many restaurants and other snacks, offering very affordable meals. You will discover a selection of dishes of the day, usually mentioned on the front of the restaurant on white paper tablecloths.These dishes are generally between € 5 and € 10, and are very good. Personally, I advise you to privilege the neighborhoods below to restore you at noon in Lisbon:

  • around Saldanha metro
  • around Picoas metro
  • around the Rato metro
  • around the place Marquês de Pombal
  • around Martim Moniz Square
  • on the rua da Madalena


For dinner, restaurants in Lisbon are better able to mix locals and tourists. Good affordable tables are known to savvy travelers and residents of the Portuguese capital. In general, these restaurants are concentrated in some neighborhoods and are very busy. On summer evenings, it is not uncommon for restaurants to start serving around 7.30pm / 8.00pm and finish at around 2am. The habit of eating out is very strong in Lisbon and even with the economic crisis, this habit continues for many Lisboners. On weekends, the best tables with good value are often arch-crowded. You will taste very good dishes between 10 € and 15 €. Of course, as for lunch, some neighborhoods are distinguished for dinner good and cheap in Lisbon, I recommend the following places:

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