Luggage-Safety Tips for Lone Travelers

Luggage-Safety Tips for Lone Travelers

Keeping your luggage safe is important especially when you are traveling alone since there will be instances when you’ll be in a hurry to catch the next train or bus that you tend to forget about your belongings.

Cases of theft and pickpocketing are common problems for lone travelers, which is why taking the necessary luggage-safety steps is important. Here are a few tips to keep your luggage safe especially when you travel alone.

Take only a few bags and use the right gear.

Be sure that you know how much things you need to bring so that you can estimate the number of bags you’ll need. It is best that you only take two bags to reduce the chances of losing them. The lesser bags you bring, the easier for you to keep an eye on them.

Use the right gear — have a bag or luggage that cannot be tampered with easily. You can also opt for a luggage storage if you really can’t help it. LuggageHero is an excellent example of this; you can check out their website to see their ervices.

Lastly, make sure that the lock for your baggage meets the lock requirements in your country of destination. Security officers use universal master keys to check your baggage, and if your lock does not qualify, they might have to be cut or broken down.

Pack your own bags and never leave them unattended.

When preparing for your trip, it’s advisable to pack your own things so that you’ll know where they’re exactly placed. It is also easier to keep track of lost items if you know what you packed and where you kept them.

If you meet new friends on your way, don’t allow them to bring your bags and never offer to carry anyone else’s. It is best not to trust anyone too much because you might end up bringing something illegal.

Also, never leave your things unattended. There will be times when you have too much fun that you forget that you brought a bag with you. Whether you’re at a restaurant, beach, or cafe, be sure to keep your bag strapped around you or on where you’re sitting.

Keep your valuables in your daypack.

Always keep all of your important things in your daypack. This includes your phone, passport, cash, laptop, and other valuables. It might make your daypack heavy, but it’s better to have them safely with you so that in case the airline misplaces your checked-in baggage, you won’t have to worry so much since all of your important things are with you.

Lastly, keep the zippers and pockets closed after you get your things — opened bags can easily attract pickpockets. Wear your daypacks properly especially in crowded areas so it won’t be grabbed easily, and hug your bag if you have to. You may look uncool or too cautious, but it is best to be more careful especially when you’re traveling alone.

Get a travel insurance.

In the case of a lost baggage, it can be painful to lose any expensive items in that bag. To reduce this burden, make sure that you get a travel insurance that covers your smartphones, laptops, cameras, and other valuables.

When traveling alone, it is always good to be more prepared and careful. By following these luggage-safety tips, you are sure that your baggage is safe while you’re having some fun.

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