How to Book the Best Flight Bargains Anywhere

Best Flight Bargains

Searching for the best flight prices could be a really tiresome experience. With fares constantly changing, you need a really foolproof approach in order to successfully land a great price. So, what do you do to save time, money and your sanity when purchasing flight tickets online?

Keep Your Search Incognito

Don’t be surprised when your preferred destination prices keep going up and up every time you check availability. The only way to prevent that from happening is by browsing in private mode when you are performing a flight search.

The reason why this is happening is that your browser cookies give away the fact you are repeatedly checking a particular route, and the site is trying to influence you to book the flight before the price gets even higher.

Cookies are cleared every time an incognito window is closed. In order to prevent inflated prices, make sure you close the window after each search, and then open a new one.

Choose Your Search Engine Wisely

Search engines are one of the reasons flight prices are inflated, because they also get a commission once a ticket is booked. Knowing which sites offer the best deals really pays off, so it’s a good idea to do a research in advance.

Check out broad search engines and look for domestic flight offers and local budget airlines. Also, understand that even though some sites offer consistently lower prices than the rest, they will not give you the best deal each and every time. Know your alternatives.

Which Day Is It Cheapest to Fly Out?

Despite the commonly spread myth that the cheapest outgoing flights are usually on Tuesday, there is no actual proof that this is the case. However, weekdays are cheaper as a rule. In order to make sure that you are booking the best price, get a visual of the entire month and see when your outbound route will be most affordable.

If applicable, do the same for your return flight, to see if you can get a round trip at a discounted price. Some sites even offer price fluctuation tracking, which is a wonderful tool to quickly grasp flight booking dynamics.

Book Flight Connections Yourself

If your travels involve a connectionh, book the two flights as separate trips by performing individual searches. Be careful when calculating layovers, so that you are neither too short of time, nor having to spend killing hours at the airport until your next flight.

Also, go for airlines which are unique to the country you are flying from/to. In this way you have a much better chance of landing a good deal, saving you hundreds of dollars sometimes. You could spend what you save on a nice stopover in the area and create an additional destination virtually for free, compared to what you would pay to another carrier otherwise.

The Cheapest Inbound Destination

If you have decided on a departure date and place, you can filter out your search by price and narrow down a list of countries where it’s cheapest to go for your selected time period. Check out to see how you can grab an awesome deal. If you are not going away for work and are in for some adventure, that is.

If you are planning a holiday but haven’t decided where you want to go yet, this is a great way to save some money and book an exciting destination you might have not thought about otherwise. You will make your travels not only exciting, but also cost-effective.

Buy More For Less

Getting a return ticket always costs less than two one-way tickets. Everybody knows that. Buying several tickets from the same airline will also give you a greater discount, so if you travel with your buddies, a great way to save is by booking all tickets as a group.

Chain-visiting multiple cities is another option that can get you a serious discount and it’s worth checking what destinations are on the list. If you will be travelling around a country by plane, or crossing a whole continent, regional passes and round-the-world tickets are a must. This is how flights can be booked at the cheapest possible rate and there are virtually no greater bargains you can come across, apart from really wild airline discounts that happen once in a blue moon because of Black Friday, a marketing campaign or some airline anniversary.

Take Advantage Of Airline Error

Airlines are not immune to errors. Mistakes when posting their ticket fares can result in a serious discount. Reasons may vary – from technical issues to currency conversion miscalculation and good old human error, it does happen. Just make sure you take advantage when you spot the bargain and act before they notice and correct the price.

How do you come across such errors on purpose – check the search engines which are focused on piling up heavy discounts in one place. Or, take a look at all prices for your destination of interest for the whole month. You will be able to spot any unnaturally low prices and possibly grab an offer.

Don’t Wait!

If you know when and where you will be travelling, do not wait until a week or a couple of days before  to book your flight. Even budget airlines will increase their fares as the date approaches and they start running out of tickets.

How much you will save usually depends on how soon in advance you purchase your seat on the plane.

Pay Attention to The Currency

When booking a ticket, some budget airlines will require that you pay in the local currency of the country you will be travelling from. This is not always the case, however, so check if it might be cheaper to pay in another currency and whether you will be able to do so.

If you are going to pay in a different currency from the one in your bank account, make sure you won’t be charged any conversion transaction fees when you pay. Otherwise, you will lose money, instead of save.

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