Have You Been to These Famous Attractions of Ranchi?

These Famous Attractions of Ranchi

Not every place on the earth is blessed by the beauty of the overwhelming nature. When it comes to experiencing the phenomenal beauty of the waterfalls, the places are quite rare especially if you do not want to visit a destination which is at a much higher altitude. However, your dream of getting a glimpse of several fantastic waterfalls in one place will come true when you visit Ranchi. If you belong to Mumbai, and you need a break from the monotony of the city life, then you need to visit Ranchi. Thus, when you look for Mumbai to Ranchi flight booking, do make a list of the places you would want to explore. After all, the ‘City of Waterfalls’ has plenty in store for its tourists.

Here are some of the famous attractions of Ranchi:

  • Gaze at the Brevity of the Hundru Falls: Located only 45 km from the heart of Ranchi, the Hundru Waterfalls havedefinitely given this city a beauty that is unimaginable. While the River Subarnarekha flows with full might, it comes across a deep plunge where it falls to give rise to the famous Hundru Waterfalls. When you visit the Hundru Falls, you will be mesmerised at the height of the waterfalls falling from 320 feet above. And, if you want to have a closer look at the waterfalls, you are free to climb down 750 stairs to meet the cascading waterfall at every course of its flow. After all, the rhythmic flow of the gushing waters and the melodious call of the birds will make every step of yours worth remembering.


  • Meet Your Favourite Animals at the Birsa Zoological Park: How can it be possible that you visit Ranchi and don’t get to see the beautiful flora and fauna? To make your trip a memorable one, the Birsa Zoological Park has plenty to offer. As you travel 16 km to reach this zoo, you will be greeted by two divisions. This 104 hectares protected zone has a larger area that is committed to protecting the wildlife and a smaller area that showcases the botanical aspects to the core. Some of the animals that can be found there are lions, tigers, foxes, and hyena. And, in case you are too afraid to go near them, take a walk in the Rose Garden in the smaller section of the zoo for a romantic and soothing experience.


  • Greet the Past at the Rock Garden: Ranchi’s Rock Garden has earned fame over the years because of the splendid rock carvings present there. Because of the intricate artistic carving made out of the rocks of the Gonda Hills, this Rock Garden has been acclaimed as the second best Rock Garden in the country after the one present in the city of Jaipur. Apart from the magnificent art present there, the tourists can also visit the Kanke Dam that lies at the bottom of the Gonda Hills. Because of the fusion of nature and art at its best, the Rock Garden is one of the best picnic spots in this stunningcity of waterfalls.


  • Visit the Ranchi Lake for an Exciting Evening: Ranchi’s beautiful hilly topography had made it one of the most favoured hill stations by the British. Thus, ever since the beautification of this city was started by them, constructing a lake was inevitable. The Ranchi Lake, excavated in 1842 by Colonel Onsley, stands witness to the fun and frolic that this city represents. Even today, people come to this lake to enjoy a walk in the breezy evening or take a boat ride on the lake. After all, missing the excellent sunset is out of the question when one visits the Ranchi Lake at the centre of the city.

Thus, in case you haven’t been to these famous attractions in Ranchi yet, you must plan your trip to Ranchisoon. Take a look at the Mumbai to Ranchi flight bookingand spend your vacation here to experience what paradise truly represents.

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