Discovery of the Beauty of Chiangmai

Discovery of the Beauty of Chiangmai

Because of the scenic beauty along the Ping River, surrounded by rainforests, Chiang Mai is also known as the “Rose of the North”. Travelers, who want to experience the action and culture on holiday in Thailand, should follow me to the north of the Kingdom. In Chiang Mai, let yourself be charmed by Buddhist temples and breathtaking landscapes!

Travel Guide

Thinking about holidays in Thailand, most travelers will probably visit the heavenly bays of the south of the country. But Thailand has a lot more to offer. In the north of Thailand, a holiday destination awaits you and will make the heart beat for all adventure lovers. That’s why we want to take you today to the picturesque city of Chiang Mai, off the beaten track.

Arrival in Chiang Mai

You will not be able to reach northern Thailand directly from France. To reach the “Rose du Nord”, the easiest way is to take an internal flight between the capital Bangkok or a seaside resort in the south and Chiang Mai. The air transport is particularly well developed in Thailand, so you can easily travel between major cities or islands for less than 30 € with Asian airlines such as Air Asia and Thai Airways. If you prefer land transport, you can travel for a lot cheaper by bus or train, for less than 5 € to Chiang Mai. Plan a day trip if you opt for the land route, but you can enjoy beautiful scenery. Also the places for staying are also there. At the romantic hotel chiangmai you can find your place now.

Cultural attractions

To discover Chiang Mai, we recommend you start with a walking tour of the charming old town. You will discover countless temples, all very different from each other. There are more than 200 temples in Chiang Mai! For a total immersion, we recommend the charming hotel ChediHome, located opposite the door Wat. From there, you can dive into Far Eastern culture by observing the monks during their pious ceremonies. The best part of all this is that visiting almost all the temples is free: enough to save for the rest of your trip.

After a day full of exciting cultural impressions, it’s time to relax while strolling through the night market. We advise you to visit Chiang Mai for a weekend. The traditional night market is open from 17h to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to the possibility of buying handmade souvenirs, cheap clothes and decorative items, you will find many stalls of typical Thai food. The bravest among you can even try to eat a real Thai specialty, fried insects.

Cooking Class in Chiang Mai Schools

Would you like to enjoy Thailand’s culinary delights right at home? So, in addition to enjoying the cultural attractions and beautiful scenery, Chiang Mai is also known for its cooking schools, where locals introduce you to the art of authentic curry and Thai cuisine. Do not worry; we promise you, at the end of the day, even the worst cook of you will be able to create a great Thai meal.

Take the opportunity to explore the beautiful hinterland of Chiang Mai and book a cooking class in the green surroundings of Chiang Mai. The day begins with a visit to the local market where you stock up on fresh ingredients. The guide will provide you with local knowledge during the visit and answer all your questions.

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