A fun trip with cousins: A walk down the memory lane

A fun trip with cousins: A walk down the memory lane

Growing up with a huge bunch of cousins was like a roller coaster ride. They are family but no less than best friends to us. We share a special bond with our cousins. We have had memories of innumerable pillow fights, constant bullying of each other, mischief during family get together and a lot more. Have you ever thought of going on a trip with these old buddies of yours this summer? Don’t you think it will be a lot of fun? Of course, it will be lots of fun. It will be like a walk down the memory lane. Here are a few reasons why you should not miss a trip with your cousins.

Planning becomes easy

Our first cousins are almost like our siblings. Planning for the entire trip will be easy because you will not have to worry about the budget since you know each other very well. You can always take suggestions from each other’s parents too. There are fewer chances of clashes amongst yourself regarding splitting the bills. You can always divide the work amongst yourself. Say you are planning to go on a trip to Kulu, Manali with your cousins. You can easily book your Hyderabad to Delhi flights by discussing with each other.

Old memories

We can associate well with our cousins because we might have countless memories with them. Some may be very funny and embarrassing, and some may be very emotional and sweet. We can always discuss all those old memories and have a hearty laugh at them.

Late night sleepovers

You can always relive those memories of the sleep overs you had with your cousins. You can get the opportunity of bullying them again. You can have long never ending chats with them. You can eat, drink and dance together.

You become closer

You will bond really well with your cousins.  There could have been instances where you could not get together due to a lot of family issues. But a trip together after a long time will help you pick up from where you left. You may even become friends for life after the trip.

Tips for a fun trip with cousins

Are you excited to go on a trip with your cousins? Here are a few tips for you

  • Book your Hyderabad to Delhi flights well in advance to avoid any kinds of problems regarding your conveyance. Booking in advance will also provide you discounts on the flight tickets.
  • Always have travel insurance with you to cover all the risks during your travel.
  • Try to rent a home to have maximum fun. Renting a house will make you feel homely, and it will bring all those memories back. You will have your own space to enjoy. If renting a home is not possible, try to book a resort.
  • Go to places which have adventure sports. Working some adventure with your cousins will be an excellent idea.
  • Keep your parents updated on your travel plans. Keep them informed so that they do not worry much about you.
  • Take good care of all the documents that needs to be taken. It is safer for you to keep a copy of each other’s documents too.

So folks, get ready for some bullying and inside jokes. Plan a trip with your cousins.

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