4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using JPMiles Calculator

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using JPMiles Calculator

Who doesn’t love travelling? Whether it is your job or your passion, travellers always reach the perfect destination to explore. So, if you are also from the same category of frequent-travellers, once in a while, you must have stressed over the expenses that you have to incur on flight tickets, isn’t it? But, worry not. You can avail the advantages of miles offered by the airlines. However, while calculating so, you must try and ignore some of the mistakes. This post lists out five mistakes to avoid when using a JP Miles Calculator.

To lure new customers and to make the flight experience of existing customers seamless, most of the airlines have started providing miles to the flyers which they can later redeem for specific rewards. Believe it or not, it’s the best way to reach your dream destinations. Jet Privilege offers one such rewards program. However, these rewards depend on the number of miles that you have accrued.

And, the more you travel, the more chances you have to accumulate miles. Moreover, there is also a mile calculator by JetPrivilege that you can use while booking your tickets. The thing with this calculator is that you would have to be extra cautious. Thus, here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid while using this calculator to know exact miles that you earn every time you fly with Jet Airways or any of its partner airlines.

  1. Not Selecting Correct Airline:

The first thing that you must keep in mind while using the JPMiles Calculator is that every airline offers different miles for the distance you travelled. For instance: choosing Jet Airways may offer you different miles as compared to Etihad Airways and vice-versa. Therefore, to get the accurate number, you must choose the airline appropriately and carefully.

  1. Unfamiliar with Cabin Class:

Another important aspect to consider while calculating the miles is the cabin class. Since cabin class can differ from airline to airline, so does the miles that one can earn. For instance, Jet Airways has three cabin classes, such as Economy, Premiere, and First. Similarly, Etihad Airways also has three classes, like First, Business, and Economy. The class may or may not differ, yet the miles always differ between the airlines.

  1. Not knowing the Membership Plan:

When you are too busy to calculate the miles that you can accrue from one trip and the subsequent awards that you can gain, there is a possibility of you ignoring the membership plan that you own. Yes, that’s the thing on which your bonus, rewards, and miles depend the most. So, before concluding anything, make sure you are aware of your membership plan.

  1. Consider Distance, Not Cost:

Most of the times, people perceive that the more expensive their ticket is, the more miles they will gain. However, miles are counted by keeping the distance in mind and not the price of the ticket. Assuming that you are entitled to accumulate more rewards based on your cost is entirely wrong.

So, these are some of the things that you must keep in mind while calculating the miles. Be cautious, travel more, and earn more.

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